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Why Use WooCommerce for Your Online Store?

Complete Online Store Out of the Box

With WooCommerce you can instantly set up product management, variations, inventory management, checkout, discounts and any other functionality you need for an online store.

Payment Solutions Included

With WooCommerce it's easy to charge via Dibs, SMSpay, Payex, Invoice, Stripe, Amazon, and many more. You can also set language, currency and tax rules based on where the user is from.

Most People Choose WooCommerce

Almost every third online store is built with WooCommerce. At record speed, WooCommerce has passed Magento, Opencart and everyone else. Built on open source: no expensive licenses!

Why WooCommerce From Frontkom?

Project Management

We like to work closely with our customers at all stages of the process. Frequent dialogues and clear reporting is the secret to a successful development project.

Premium Hosting

We have dozens of skilled PHP developers and years of experience with WordPress and WooCommerce. We provide quality code and lightning fast hosting.


We can run the full design process or implement the design of others as a WooCommerce theme. Responsive design and universal design are self-evident in all the websites we develop.

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