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Laravel framework is a multitool for building digital products when the time to market matters. Thanks to its flexibility and open-source nature, it’s a framework that will never limit you and your project.

What is PHP Laravel?

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant language, that constantly grows in popularity worldwide. Laravel gives freedom of creation both to you and to the developers.

E-commerce B2B platform that became
a communication hub for the entire organization.

Based on Laravel, the platform empowers Euromaster to generate more revenue through a streamlined process and better user experience.

Deployed in Finland and Sweden it serves not only Euromasters B2B clients, but alsosales and finance departments, eliminating manual work and frustration.

See case study.

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Why you should use Laravel in your next project?

No boundaries

Laravel web development does not impose restrictions on your solution. It handles complex web applications, so whatever you imagine can be done with Laravel!

Scalable technology

Suitable for horizontal and vertical scalability, Laravel is ready for your application’s growth.

Fastest-growing PHP framework

Laravel PHP grows in popularity every day; a solution that will be supported for years into the future.

Developer’s choice

A fast and easy to use framework that simplifies tasks like authentication, routing, caching and much more. Laravel is efficient; important for all developers.

Open-source with a fantastic community

Laravel is an open and free to use framework. We don't have to create things from scratch, which saves time and money.

Uses modern libraries

Devs have a basic configuration of front and back from day one and utilize modern frontend technologies. Full compatibility with modern libraries means faster work.

Where using Laravel is a great match?

Laravel is suitable for a variety of applications. Most common applications are:

Custom Web Application

Build fast and robust applications that scale easily.

Mobile Applications

Create fast and efficient hybrid mobile apps.


Reach a wide range of users in one app and offer them multiple different features.

Custom CRM and ERP systems

Introduce a custom solution that will fit your organization’s ways of working perfectly.

E-commerce platforms

Build advanced shopping mechanics while providing top-notch user experience.

Hardware Connections

Connect your hardware with an app through RESTful API.

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