Develop a web application that creates great experiences

Web applications are one of the best ways to grow your business through digital transformation.

The key is to make your web application efficient in delivering your business goals through solving your users needs. To achieve that you need to use the right development process.

Smoother sales and automated PR with Custom App. See case study.

Choose the right development path

Web application development is a serious investment, so it is critical to make sure that you’re on the right course each step of the way.

From idea validation, MVP roadmapping, design and development, to your successful product launch, ongoing support and further refinements.

We provide you with a set of tools that make your road to the market shorter, smarter and successful.

SaaS app that makes business travel smart. See case study.

Your customer is your compass

Users are the driving force of your web application and the customer experience is what differentiates you from the crowd.

With our design focussed approach you can harness that potential to build journeys that your web application user will appreciate.

Any business can benefit from digital transformation through the web applications.

NGOs and governmental

  • Only 8% of NGOs have a digital transformation strategy (ESADE and PwC report), which is why NGOs and governmental entities need to fully embrace digital transformation to catch up to the rest of society.
  • Web apps can help you engage your beneficiaries and partners, generate donations, reach new audiences and optimize your staff and volunteers' communication.


  • To get ahead of the competition while meeting budgetary constraints, you need to achieve product-market fit efficiently and scale business accordingly afterwards.
  • With us, you will have an experienced partner and advisor. Frontkom has co-founded and co-invested in numerous startups, and operated startup accelerators in 3 countries.
  • Contact us to learn how your startup can unlock your digital potential and embrace innovation to drive your growth.

Established Business

  • There is always room for innovation, and being a digitally mature organisation will set you apart from the competition.
  • Digital change is a path to increasing sales performance, employee productivity and cost reduction - contributing to a smarter and more efficient business.
  • Market leaders leverage digital transformation as an advantage over the competition by building better experiences for their customers. Join them!

Web applications are a key way to deliver new value proposition to your customers.

Tom Sieroń
CEO of Frontkom Poland

More companies we have had the pleasure to work with

  • Fortum
  • WWF
  • Casio
  • Nordic Innovation
  • HBO
  • Asus
  • Aller
  • Mitsubishi
  • Red Bull
  • DIPS
  • Unilever
  • Polish Airlines

We are your CTO!

Every project requires technology leadership but when you engage us, you don’t need to have a technical background to make the right decisions.

To create digital products without technical expertise, we provide you with both product and business consulting at every step of the design process.

React & Vue

Modern JavaScript is our specialty - almost all of our projects utilise React.


Web application framework in PHP. Majority of our biggest projects are built in Laravel.

Mobile Apps

We make native apps for iOS and Android and help you achieve a successful product launch.


Node.js is ideal for critical business web applications and scalable, real-time applications.

Tried process that delivers the best results

Ideally this is how we want to work with you, but we know every project is different and we are ready to tailor the process according to your specific business case.

Tools we use to make you application just right

Fast ideation with Design Sprints

Do you need to quickly test your idea to make sure it meets your expectations?

Design Sprint workshops are a condensed ideation and design process that allows you to put your idea in motion within days.

Transparent Communication

Open dialog is a key for project success - you need to always be fully up to date.

We share access to our work management tools with our clients, conducting daily team status calls and reporting.

End-to-end process

Digital transformation can bring growth in many different areas, which is why innovative products call for robust strategies and should be part of a wider business context.

See how else we can deliver meaningful change to you.

Prototype easily

Starting with MVP (minimum viable product) allows you to identify and generate efficient and effective solutions before the development stage.

Agile Project Management

Your business needs may change as we develop your solution. An agile approach makes your project flexible and prepared to manage change, if required.

You own your solution

Our goal is to cultivate your digital growth. That’s why your project becomes your Intellectual Property (IP) from the start, so you build on it from day one.


Dedicated Servers

In cases of specific custom needs, we use dedicated servers to host your application.

Our servers run secure software to keep your app protected, and we provide full support and maintenance accordingly.

Amazon Web Services

AWS allows us to scale your solutions through the cloud infrastructure and keep it optimized and cost-efficient.

AWS is one of the most popular cloud platforms, offering over 175 fully featured services.


GitLab is a powerful tool and complete DevOps platform which is delivered as a single application.

GitLab allows us to deliver CI/CD for all of our products. Control and automate development of your new app.

The Team not only helped us to build a product but also took part in creating an in-house technical team that is now able to take on support of the system and its further development.

Jarek Tkaczyk

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