Increase your   SEO

Increase your awareness by optimizing your content and technical setup for maximum impact for search engines like Google

It all starts with a search

People use search as a starting point for research, purchases, and just about everything else. To ensure their need is met by you and not a competitor, your website must contain the most effective and up-to-date search optimization techniques.

Ever smarter search engines

Search engines are constantly evolving and only Google knows exactly how the weighting works.

  • The assessments are made on the basis of a variety of factors and advanced algorithms.
  • Google delivers search results in part using algorithms that  organically "learn" which search results provide the most relevant answers.

  • Good SEO in six words: useful content, good structure, complete metadata.

What makes good SEO?

With the help of analysis, we can ascertain a lot about what it is worth spending time on.

Fortunately, the days when you could cheat algorithms via Black Hat SEO are mostly over. These days, it’s the most relevant content that comes out on top – and that’s good for the user, the website and the search engine.

That’s why it pays to focus on quality: Useful content, a good structure and complete metadata.

Google Partner

Frontkom is a certified Google Partner on both Google Ads and Analytics. We keep up to date on new features, tips and tricks that will benefit your campaigns.

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Seven steps to effective SEO

Contact us now, and we will tailor a custom solution to your needs, and ensure your investment is productive and profitable.

  • Your content
  • Metadata and domain strategy
  • Page structure and and URLs
  • Microdata
  • Analysis tools
  • Macro and micro conversions
  • Strategic backlinks from external websites

This is how we work


We get together to go check in on your status and goals, and then create a list of prioritized improvement measures.


We focus on the most important measures: CMS optimization, metadata, server setup or plans to drive traffic from other websites.


We review analysis data to verify that the measures are working, for example looking at how much traffic you’re getting and rating the quality of that traffic.

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