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We offer a range of hosting and support services to ensure peace of mind for you and your users.

Hosting and support with Frontkom


We guarantee uptime, protect against hackers and provide first-class support.


Our Norwegian and EU servers are faster than almost all competitors and are made for scaling.


Frontkom has senior developers on WordPress, Laravel, Drupal, Node, Rails and other essential platforms and frameworks.

Strong Partners

For larger projects, we team up with proven technical partners who specialise in administration services.

Technologies we specialise in


Dedicated support team with quick response. You can also provide feedback on each individual request. To date, we have a ticket satisfaction rate of 98% and a median response time of 18 minutes.


Get more affordable rates and priority support with a retainer. Retainer can be used both for developers, PMs and expert consultants.

Data use agreements and GDPR

We ensure that both formal and practical data management processes are in line with European legislation, with standard agreements and GDPR expertise. Services include an initial checklist at launch, regular check-ups and non-conformance reporting.

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Faster and safer

  • Frontkom operates dedicated servers in first-class data centres in Norway and the EU.
  • Automatic Renewal of TLS / HTTPS + Monitoring
  • Newest Generation DDOS Protection
  • CDN for global customers, so files are hosted closer to where they are
  • Firewall rate limiting
  • Load balancing for websites with particularly high traffic 
  • Lightning fast video hosting via Cloudflare Stream 
  • Always Online: Serving cached pages if the website goes down
  • Rocket loader for faster pages with lots of JavaScript 
  • HTTP / 2 for accelerated HTTP response times 
  • Cloudflare Railgun for accelerated delivery of dynamic content. 
  • Zone lockdown 
  • Brotli compression for faster HTTPS 
  • Accelerated Mobile Links (AMP) for triple performance on mobile devices
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Cloudflare Mirage for faster image delivery on mobile networks.
  • Advanced WebP image optimization with Cloudflare Polish
Frontkom is a solution-oriented supplier. Projects are closely monitored and delivered by deadline.Linette Hack, Aller Media

Test Environment

  • Dedicated test server in addition to the live server.
  • Version control to rollback to previous version if necessary.
  • We use Github and GitLab for code hosting, and recognised automation tools for Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Daily backup of files, plus a database backup four times a day.


  • Dedicated dashboard with uptime and operational messages for your website. Our data centres have a 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • Intelligent downtime and performance alerts featuring all parameters that matter to your customers.
  • Advanced downtime alert system, with the option to also receive the alerts.
  • Immediate troubleshooting and fast fix during downtime.


  • Advanced security system with alert routines.
  • Adjustable security level
  • Bot protection – avoid emails being "scraped" by foreign bots.
  • State-of-the-art, AI-powered firewall.
  • OWASP Top 10 vulnerability test before launch.
  • Strict security practices in personnel.
  • All traffic on HTTPS / SSL.

Related digital services

Web analytics

A dashboard that gives you the key data for your business, allowing you to check at a glance that your business and website goals are aligned (saving you the time it takes to look at Google Analytics, take screenshots and paste them into a Powerpoint presentation).

Avoid wasting time and money on metrics you can’t measure. Use our analytics experts to get the insights you need.

Search Engine Optimization

All sales start with a search. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for your business, whether  sales are B2B or B2C. Quick pages are important, but good metadata and a content strategy tailored to the keywords are also essential.

This requires expertise on SEO optimization, content strategy and the relevant CMS.

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