The CRM is heart of your communication with your audience, and will help you create long-lasting and profitable relations.

Seamless customer experience

In order for your internet business to succeed, you need to focus on the customer journey: All the points in time where you and the customer interact.

We'll help you create a seamless experience between the website, CRM system and other relevant systems.

The website can be the best selling point you have in your business - and it is working for you 24 hours a day.

Design the customer journey

Successful restructuring of the company's customer strategy into CRM strategy can be demanding.
We help you with:

  • Sales support
  • Integration with digital sales tools
  • Automated processes
  • Campaigns
  • Customer care
The digital accounts for 60% of your buying experience for your customers.

What we do

Initial workshop

Review the sales process and tailor your setup to your needs.

Target groups

Know your audience and make the foundation for the right content for the right person.


Import existing contacts and set up campaigns, landing pages and marketing automation.

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