E-commerce B2B platform as a knowledge hub for the organization

About Euromaster

Euromaster is a multiservice automotive provider and a part of the Michelin Group.

They are experts in automotive mobility. Euromaster aim is to provide safe, stress-free and comfortable travel to all their customers.

The Challenge

Euromaster is a multiservice automotive provider and a part of the Michelin Group.
They were looking for a new platform for placing and carrying out orders, and intercompany invoice processing to replace their old legacy system.

Simultaneously with the digital solution development, it was necessary to introduce new processes aimed at effectively integrating the new tool with the company's workflow.

Long-term Project goals

  • Increase Euromaster sales
  • Improve data quality
  • Introduce modern user experience
  • Improve sales analytics
  • Improve back-office efficiency

The Solution

Euromaster understood that application itself is just half of a success.
Our team worked across departments with Euromaster, analysing and helping to develop processes related to product and customer management, to really make an impact with a new solution.

The product we introduced is a robust Laravel-based platform for placing and carrying out orders, invoice processing and more. It is used not only by the buyers but also by internal Euromaster teams.


Euromaster e-commerce solution is based on Laravel framework.

The system we delivered fetches and processes data from multiple sources, creating one consistent source of information for all buyers and sellers.

It enables active management of price parameters and product availability, and displays real-time open market data through integrations with other entities’ systems.

API Integrations

E-commerce platfrom is integrated with multiple external systems, aimed at improving functionality, customer experience and speed.

Functionalities include:

  • Microsoft Azure-based services: 
    Active directoryUser and customer management (CRM) integration.
  • Vehicle plate number identification system
  • Financial systems integrations: Order splitting and placement, income margin data
  • Online payment system integration: International online payment operator - Adyen
  • Exchange rates: information about exchange rates and reference interest rates are obtained automatically and continuously thanks to integration with the API.
  • PIM (product management system): Product info (photos, categories, product traits)
  • Däckdata:  Pricing info, customer specific discount information
  • Vehicle visualisation: Automated search and visualisation engine


The platform empowers Euromaster to generate more revenue through a streamlined process and better user experience. 

The platform has become a go-to information platform for the entire organization.

It serves not only Euromasters B2B clients.
It is the main tool for the sales and finance departments for calculating complex discounts, reinvoicing and document circulation. Eliminating emploees manual work and frustration.

It was deployed in Finland and Sweden with a huge acknowledgement both internally and from clients.

We are proud that from the very beginning, Frontkom’s team was not only a contractor but also a primary consultant on the project and beyond, offering continuous technical, business and process management support to the client.

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