Senior Wordpress Developer


Funchal, Portugal or remote

Hello WordPress Experts!

Join us remotely or at our office in Funchal to develop innovative digital projects. A company focused on creating significant change with exciting international customers and partners is waiting for you! We are looking for a person who, among other things, supports our open source projects.

About Frontkom

Frontkom empowers impactful companies and organizations to discover and leverage digital opportunities. We help people adopt technology for growth, innovation, and positive global impacts. We are a team of more than 70 specialists - designers, developers, and business consultants working in an international collaborative environment from Lublin, Warsaw, Oslo, Fredrikstad, Funchal, and Berlin. We support the free and open web and work with Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, WooCommerce, and many other technologies.

Joining Frontkom means

  • work with colleagues from Lublin, Warsaw, Berlin, Oslo, Fredrikstad, and Funchal – in one of our offices or entirely remotely
  • friendly onboarding process and mature working environment, "buddy" support from day one ("You'll never walk alone," even if you're not a Liverpool fan)
  • opportunities to develop in small teams with experienced developers, with a stack-based on PHP7+ and Laravel/Drupal/WordPress. If you want to build with other PHP technologies, then we will find something for you. The "Nice-to-have skills" list below will tell you exactly how we work and in which areas we are increasing our competencies
  • opportunity to develop towards React or Vue. If you want to stay in the world of CMS, we also offer Drupal training
  • opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience with other developers in the company within the technological guilds and events that we organize
  • twenty-five days of paid holidays

How we work

We use the latest technology in a Docker-based development environment and workflows that take advantage of the WP CLI, CI / CD methods, and GitLab tools. Through developer initiatives, we engage with the OpenSource community and actively support OpenSource solutions for Gutenberg: GutenbergJS and Gutenberg Cloud.

In the projects we work with international teams, we have:

  • a Project Manager, who is the first person to contact the client
  • a UX/UI Designer, which prepares all the necessary resources and designs
  • a Developer, who is responsible for the implementation
  • a Tester that ensures that the quality and consistency are consistent with the requirements of the project

The technologies, skills, and approaches we apply in our work other than already mentioned. Do you know them? Great! If you don't, we'll teach you:

  • design patterns, clean code, and clean architecture (and that SOLID again!)
  • code review experience (we think this is an essential skill, both from the point of view of the code developer and the reviewer)
  • WP REST APIs – we like it when something looks nice and transparent
  • Gutenberg - not the one who invented print, but we appreciate you heard of him!
  • CSS Grid - we know Flexbox is enough, but CSS Grid makes us create awwwards-ish pages!
  • Scrum – we try to estimate how much time will be needed and for what, and then account for it at the end of the sprint, as well as justify the reason if it took a lot more time (true story :( )
  • experience in working with CI/CD (GitLab, Jenkins) – this is where you get to see what tests are for, right?
  • more than minimal experience with Docker, docker-compose
  • ElasticSearch
  • application scalability
  • ElasticSearch

Required qualifications and skills

  • natural aptitude for problem-solving
  • willingness to develop and share knowledge – the development of a programmer benefits the company
  • wordPress - at least four years of experience (or less if you manage to convince us that you are developing very fast)
  • MySQL/MariaDB – SQL, indexes, foreign keys. We don't throw logic into databases, and we don't do triggers or stored functions, but some basics are required
  • NPM / Gulp - we love to make our work easier. We use various bundlers and boilerplates
  • GIT – daily work with a repo
  • Docker basics on a practical level. Easy to grasp in a dozen or so hours of learning
  • English at a communicative level
  • initiative and ability to make decisions – we work with clients' projects, and we have a proactive approach
  • general communicativeness and teamwork skills

If you had any doubts at the beginning about whether we can support you on your development path, then we hope you got rid of them by now. Please send us your CV and portfolio!

Should we think that there's a chance we'll get on well, we will contact you. Everyone who takes part in an interview receives feedback within a few days, regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process. We are serious about what we do and hope we'll find common ground.Join us on the journey of bringing digital change to our customers. Please send your resume via form.

Two men discussing

What does the recruitment process look like?

  • We will review your resume, and when you are selected to continue the interview process, our HR Manager will get in touch with you via phone or email. You will have a 20-minute talk about your experience and expectations
  • Our HR Manager will schedule the technical interview with a Senior Developer in the next phase of recruitment, which will run a 60-minute technical interview with you
  • Depending on your portfolio and technical interview score, you can be asked to do homework - we will send you a task and wait for your solution when you are ready.
  • In the space of two weeks, HR Manager will share our feedback with you.