Senior PHP Developer


14 200 - 18 000 PLN net
monthly pay


B2B or employment


Lublin or Warsaw, Poland or remotely

Brave Senior PHP Developer!

We are in need of your experience and leadership competencies. Bring us a dragon head and we'll hand you a pile of gold, lots of challenges, and the eternal gratitude of our CTOs and Backend Tech Leader!

About Frontkom

Frontkom empowers businesses and impactful organisations to discover and leverage digital opportunities. We help people adopt technology for growth, innovation and positive world impacts. We are a team of over 70 specialists - designers, developers and business consultants working in a collaborative, international environment from offices in Lublin, Warsaw, Oslo, Fredrikstad, Funchal and Berlin. We support the free and open web and work with Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, WooCommerce and many more technologies.

What do we offer?

  • 14200 - 18000 PLN + VAT on B2B
  • the opportunity to be part of a team working on probably the most demanding project in your career so far, and in 6 months to take over this team as team leader (details below)
  • work with colleagues from Lublin, Warsaw, Berlin, Oslo, Fredrikstad, and Funchal - in one of our offices or fully remotely
  • friendly onboarding process and mature work environment, strong support from CTO and Backend Tech Lead
  • the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with other developers in the company as part of technology guilds and events that we organize
  • 26 days of paid leave regardless of the type of contract
  • English and Norwegian lessons with native speakers, a well-equipped kitchen, and lots of other benefits
  • an office on Madeira (we bet you've just thought about team building events - we like them too!)

Required predispositions, technologies, and experience:

  • common sense and natural problem - solving abilities
  • be one smart cookie, because the domain is not easy to understand
  • good level of English - we work with people from Poland, Norway, and Portugal. The client is from the United Kingdom
  • initiative and ability to make decisions and leadership competencies
  • very good knowledge of PHP7 OOP with at least 5 years of experience
  • experience with legacy code and system processing a large amount of data
  • software architecture: SOLID, GRASP, TDD, Design Patterns, clean code, clean architecture (all you need to know in order to understand how to pay the technological debt)
  • Laravel - at least the level presented on
  • MySQL/MariaDB - SQL, indexes, foreign keys, JOINs
  • GIT - everyday work with repo, nothing extraordinary
  • experience with code review (we believe it’s a crucial skill both for the code creator and the reviewer)
  • experience with Docker: creating Docerfiles and docker-compose.yml, understanding of the processes
  • experience with CI/CD (GitLab, Jenkins)
  • knowledge of issues related to queuing tasks (Redis + Laravel Horizon)
  • application scalability
  • Scrum - we try to estimate what it will take and account for it at the end of the sprint, and justify the reason if it took much more (true story, bro)

As you can see, the list of expectations is serious, but the challenge you will face is extraordinary. Well, we inherited from the previous team a group of applications written in CodeIgniter 3.x and Laravel 5.x (underneath is MariaDB + MariaDB ColumnStore). These applications help customer analysts work efficiently with millions of data records in the field of supply chain management.

Conducted with the help of the industry-recognized authority, Event Storming with customer experts showed that the domain is vast and deep, so you will definitely not be bored :) The whole thing is AWS and we are currently in the process of transferring everything to AWS servers configured from the Ansible level / Terraform (we have DevOps for that), so at least the infrastructure topic will be out of the question. 

Your tasks will include:

  • participation in conceptual work related to the further development of the application (here, close cooperation with the Product Owner, Project Manager, and analysts on the client's side) and their ongoing maintenance
  • participation in sprint planning and technical task development (backlog refinement), with particular emphasis on the technical description and acceptance criteria
  • performing tasks planned during planning, including creating code in PHP, writing unit and functional tests, preparing technical documentation and instructions, code review
  • participation in discussions and decisions regarding architecture and technology selection, sharing expert knowledge
  • cooperation with a team of programmers and testers, and ultimately managing this team

If you have been looking for a place where you will be able to use your entire experience and rise to a higher level, you've come to the right place. If we think that we have a chance to get along, we will call you. Everyone who will take part in the recruitment interview will receive technical feedback within a few days, regardless of the recruitment results. We take what we do seriously and we hope to find a common language.

Join us on the journey of bringing digital change to our customers. Please send your resume via form.

Two men discussing

What does the recruitment process look like?

  • We will review your resume and when you are selected to continue the interview process, our HR Manager will get in touch with you via phone or email. You will have a 20-minutes talk about your experience and expectations
  • In the next phase of recruitment, our HR Manager will schedule the date of the technical interview with Łukasz - Senior PHP Developer
  • In the space of two weeks, HR Manager will share our feedback with you