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Our mission is to empower businesses and organizations to discover digital opportunities and create meaningful change.

Results we are proud of

No Child Should Die From Cancer

The Children’s Cancer foundation fights cancer and supports families that are affected by cancer. In addition to contributing to both research and education about cancer.

We are proud to take part of their ambitious plan on how to communicate and serve both families and supporters. Together we are creating a digital platform with a mission to deliver the best experience possible.

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20% More Donations for UNICEF Norway From Mobile Web

Unicef Norway required more robust, easy to manage and most importantly: mobile-ready websites for their, Unicef Junior, Unicef Denene and Unicef Round programs. We are proud builders and maintainers of their web platforms.

Unicef Norway is now utilizing the mobile web to the fullest and tells stories in a rich format to build great user experience for donors and create a lasting change and strengthen children's rights worldwide.

Better Communication and Decision-Making for Better Schools

An experienced startup entrepreneur and a father of two reached out to us to build an innovative platform.

A platform that simplifies communication and decision-making between teachers, parents and children in schools. In 4 short months, our client went from an idea to a responsive application, ready to be implemented in schools.

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Green Transformation

Fortum’s mission is to engage with customers and society, to drive change towards a cleaner world.

Fortum’s role is to accelerate this change by reshaping the energy system, improving resource efficiency, and providing smart solutions.

We help Fortum to optimize their web platform to create a great user experience, both for authors and customers, increasing satisfaction and sales.

More revenue and better UX thanks to Laravel-based e-commerce platform for Euromaster.

For Euromaster, part of Michelin Group, we build ecommerce platform launched in 2020 for Finland and Sweden markets.

Our team worked across departments, analyzing and building processes related to product management and customer management to build an environment around the new platform to assure that such a huge effort will make a lasting impact.

Since launch the platform empowers Euromaster and their clients to generate more revenue through a streamlined process and better user experience.

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Efficient Solution for Charity

Olive Grove Fundation, a UK based charity raising funds, was searching for a platform that would help them bring clean water to people in Africa.

We designed and developed a responsive WordPress website that served that purpose elegantly.

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Modern Design and Functionality for a Fast-Growing Brand

The complete website modernization we did for Casio brought them a 15% increase in conversions and set us for a long-term partnership that continues to this day.

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Geeky Brand ventures Into the World of Fashion

Cenega needed a rebranding that would help their brand to become a top geek’ store, selling licensed merch and its own branded products. Working closely with our client, through a full-blown branding process, we shipped branding that resonates with its audience and delivers client business goals at the same time.

The ‘Portal’ motive in the new logo connects sci-fi and fantasy lovers to their beloved franchises. Modern design makes brand ready to scale up in years to come.

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Smoother Sales and Automated PR With Custom App

The application empowers our clients’ sales team and partners, with up to date media mentions, reviews, and articles about their products.

The Mitsubishi platform integrates media monitoring tools, allowing for easy and automated selection, distribution and publication of media mentions to support PR and sales processes in Mitsubishi Motors Polska

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NMBU's Communication

NMBU’s mission is to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Their interdisciplinary research and study programmes generate innovations in food, health, environmental protection, climate and sustainable use of natural resources. We are proud to work with NMBU to help them create a platform for internal and external communication.

Creating Innovation in the Nordic Countries

Nordic Innovation aims to make the Nordics a pioneering region for sustainable growth and works to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and competition in Nordic business.

Love for Sports Gets a Fresh Look

I Believe In You (IBIY) is a Swiss crowdfunding organization, that allows sport enthusiasts to gather resources for their sports dreams.

Our objective was to deliver a fresh approach to the brand and make it appealing to its audiences.

Through workshops and a robust branding process, IBIY received a new look that encapsulates the love for sports, passion for challenge and its Swiss heritage in one powerful concept.

Full Digital Makeover for Leads Generator

With the introduction of a mobile friendly, highly usable site we brought a 20% increase in the conversion to Expander.

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Biggest Cultural Institution in Eastern Poland — a Window to the World

Center for Meeting Cultures was looking for a new platform that would help them educate and spread culture to millions of people. Events, concerts, shops, and services are now communicated on a
Drupal 8-based website.

The design was inspired by the modern architecture of their building.

Digitalization for Safer Healthcare

Sykehusapotekene is a pharmacy specialized in providing services and medicine to hospitals.

Quality, safety and respect are the key values for this service and in everything they do. We are proud to have created digital products that help them provide better services to their clients and users.

Business Trips Made Quick and Cost-Effective With SaaS Application.

Our client Mindento enables dozens of companies to automate their business travel process, through the Mindento SaaS App we developed.

Our primary responsibility was to understand the end-user and support the Mindento team on the tech side of the development.

Deep UX audit, with user and expert interviews combined with a close partnership effected is a comprehensive solution without the need for tech expertise on the client-side.

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