Owner: Łukasz Fedorowicz

A husky more pretty than brave. Adopted 8 years ago from a shelter.

Possible criminal history of poultry thievery. Went through a winding path from total distrust to uneasy tolerance of humans. Sometimes lets them pet her. Not keen on hugs, though. Still somewhat wild at heart.


  • queen of naps
  • loves chocolate but can't have it
  • escape artist
  • mastery of disapproving looks


Owner: Agata Kosowska

Asking about the breed? She has them all.
Average pillow enjoyer adopted from a shelter.

Local star, influencer. ig: @mistrzyni_malgorzata


  • speed runner
  • the daughter of badger and bat
  • clumsy and proud
  • loves spa & wellness (mud mask is her favourite)


Owner: Fábio Neves

A lively funny dachshund that loves his little sister Zoe. I don’t always bark, but when I do it’s for nothing!


  • Shadowing my owners
  • Owning two hoomans
  • Stubborn
  • Doctorate in barking


Owner: Szymon Nowak

Pixel-sized dog with high energy levels, which he uses on playing football and running freely in the open space. For balance, he also loves to sleep, and does it in many different positions. Loves being out in the sun, but also getting cosy in his blanket.


  • fast and furious
  • fearless
  • football player
  • knows cool tricks
  • adventurous


Owner: Hélder Mendes

Dasy has been in the family for one year now. She’s the sole companion of our son. They sometimes have a complex relationship as she keeps stealing his shoes :)


  • Pretending to be innocent
  • Destroying Havaianas
  • Eats in 5 seconds
  • Never gets tired of running
  • Snores louder than her owner


Owner: Cristina Hart

Ema was a street cat that I adopted. She is always around me and follows me everywehe I go (even to the bathroom). She is around 7 years old and still loves to play with toys.


  • Sleep all day and night
  • Sleeps the entire night without waking up the owners
  • Ability to transform every small object into toys


  • Hide and watch the mother having a heart attack because she can't find her
  • Walking over keyboard while mommy is working
  • Drinking water from everywhere except from the cat fountain
  • Being at the balcony catching some sun


  • Other cats (specially the brother)
  • Being woken up while snoring
  • Be grabbed


Owner: Cristina Hart

Pixel is an indoor cat that has never touched the asphalt . He has never seen a mouse in his life. He is sweet, kind and fat (yes, he is fat - 5 kg).


  • 8:30 alarm clock
  • Bug professional killer (mosquitoes / flies / bees / cockroaches). He doesn't leave any evidence


  • Playing with other cats through the window
  • Being at the balcony catching some sun
  • Eating hehe
  • Scratch Dad's Havaianas


  • Human Visits
  • Garbage truck
  • Wind
  • Very loud noises
  • Every object that is out of the usual place


Owner: Fábio Neves

Crazy dachshund that loves to bite his big sis Ari. Hey you… this belly isn’t going to rub by himself!


  • Loves to chew sneakers and socks
  • Peeing all over the house
  • Loves belly rubs
  • Great snuggler


Owner: Tiago Ornelas

Khali is short for Khaleesi from game of thrones. she likes to eat and sleep. She loves people but hates other dogs. :)


  • Her superpower is shewing on Tiagos socks.


Owner: Thor Andre Gretland

Born in 2017 in an unknown location. We got him spring 2020 from the Animal Protection.

Now he pretends to be a normal cat most of the time. Except when he has his shirt on.

Then he gets that look.


Owner: Vincent S Hasselgård

Meet Drage, my 13 year old alaskan husky, ex sled-dog and now professional food thief.

He's lived with the family since he was 5 years old. Thinks every carpet in the house belongs to him and is a big cuddler.

Only barks when it's like really important
(seriously, he's not a noisy dog).


  • Can jump out of windows if he smells waffles
  • Knows how to open up zippers on bags
    (if there's food inside)
  • Immune to the lure of sticks

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